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Cooling Tower

Ensotek Cooling Towers made from Fiberglass Reinforced polyester (FRP), our towers are the most modern cooling towers of the latest technology in our day.

All package towers are designed to provide optimum cooling.

As Ensotek GRP Water Cooling Towers, we produce package type water cooling towers from 1 m3 hours to thousands of cubic meters. Package type towers are called package type because they have a modular structure that can be easily lifted and moved when necessary after they are installed. If the towers we manufacture are sized to fit in a truck or container, they are shipped as installed in our factory. If it is too big to fit in the transport vehicles, it is shipped as disassembled and installed at our customer's site accompanied by our foreman.

Our towers are very long-lasting because of the materials’ (FRP, PVC, PP, rustproof steel,..etc.) consistence to each other and corrosion strength. 


Tower Body

Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester
Tower Body Exterior SurfaceColored with polyester based pigment, resistant to UV, chemicals and corrosion, fade proof, stable, don’t need paint gel-coat material
Tower Body Interior SurfaceTo prevent water erosions and sediment retention, coated with parafin polyester
Tower Structural SystemFRP profiles have been produced by pultrusion method
Motor Gear Unit and Fan GroupEngine / Gearbox shaft directly coupled axial fan
Drift EliminatorsSpecial designed h=145 mm 1st class PVC profile
Water Distribution SystemClosed system of PVC / PP pipe + PP nozzle
Tower Fill100 °C temperature resistant PP fill or specially designed PVC film fill
Air Inlet Blinds1st class specially designed PVC lamella
FastenersAISI 304 stainless steel bolt / nut
Insulation ComponentsA special section gasket made from EPDM material.

 Our towers do not require painting every year unlike metal sheet towers